Duel Tropical Systems to Impact Gulf of Mexico at Same Time

U.S. could see two tropical systems make landfall on same day

Laura was expected to move near or over parts of the Northern Leeward Islands Friday night, near or over Puerto Rico Saturday morning, and then near the northern coast of the Dominican Republic and Haiti that night and Sunday morning, according to the hurricane center.

A stronger tropical storm has the ability to churn things up in the Gulf a little more and take away some of the fuel that would be used by Laura as it followed in it's wake, as played out by the EURO model. The region accounts for about 16% of crude and 2.4% of USA natural gas output.

The Forecast Center of the Institute of Meteorology of Cuba reported today that tropical storm Laura is moving west and its position places it about 80 kilometers south-southeast of San Juan, Puerto Rich.

Two newly formed tropical storms could become nearly simultaneous threats to the U.S. Gulf Coast early next week.

Marco will move over the central Gulf of Mexico on Sunday and Monday, the center said.

Tropical Storm Laura is expected to become a Category 1 Hurricane later next week.

Marco has 40 mph maximum sustained winds with higher gusts and is about 180 miles southeast of Cozumel, Mexico.

Laura is expected to bring up to 8 inches of rain from Puerto Rico to Cuba.

Complicating the overall forecast is another storm further out to the west which also looks as if it will have impacts on Acadiana, and again carries a considerable amount of uncertainty into the forecast.

'A lot of people are going to be impacted by rainfall and storm surge in the Gulf of Mexico, ' said Joel Cline, the tropical program coordinator for the National Weather Service.

Now with Tropical Storm Laura being the earliest 12named storm to form and Tropical Depression 14 expected to become Tropical Storm Marco later this week, we are already looking at records being shattered for development this early in the season. The storm is moving north-northwest at 12 miles per hour.

"We don't see the intensity and strengthening risk" to either storm, said Rogers, whose company advises energy and agricultural firms. Far western Cuba can expect 25 to 75 mm of rain, which may result in areas of flash flooding.

U.S. Gulf of Mexico offshore wells account for 17% of total U.S. crude oil production and 5% of total U.S. natural gas production.

This weekend is a good time to prepare and make sure you have needed supplies.

It seems fitting for such an unusual twin threat to arrive in 2020, said University of Miami hurricane researcher Brian McNoldy.

The entire Gulf Coast from Corpus Christi, Texas, to the southern tip of Florida may be hit by either or both storms.A third potential storm is moving off the coast of Africa. It will track across Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Cuba Sunday into Monday.

Monroe County declared a State of Local Emergency and ordered the evacuations of all live-aboard vessels, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, travel trailers, and campers in anticipation of the storm.

Laura had earlier forced the closure of schools and government offices in the eastern Caribbean islands of Anguilla and Antigua, according to the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency.