Downton Abbey: What time is Downton on TV tonight?

Downton Abbey What time is Downton on TV tonight

"Downton Abbey" kicked off the sixth season last week with a show that brought you a number of different elements, from a prospective wedding to the big reveal (finally) of what happened to Mr. Green.

Speaking about the possibility of hosting a cruise, Phyllis said: "That's a great idea, that's what we could do on our retirement..."

The probable conflict will include Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes continued disagreement about their marriage plans, the Dowager and Isobel Crawley will be caught in between power struggle, while Anna and Bates will face a problem in conceiving a child, and Lady Edith will be left isolated and impotent with her daughter, Marigold.

The battle lines are drawn in the war for Downton's hospital. He'll probably have to choose a side soon, and we'll find out who can brow-beat him the best - his mother or his wife?

Which certainly didn't help Mr. Drewe's case with Lord Grantham that his wife was perfectly fine with living in near proximity to Marigold. Well, after Marigold is safely returned to Edith, of course. While no preview was available to see, one thing's for sure - there's bound to be drama, tears and laughter!

We can expect on the second episode of season 6 that Lady Edith will hunt possible candidates to nanny Marigold in London.

Will the staff continue to shut out and borderline bully Barrow next week? There were tense exchanges over wedding venues, emotional worries for Lady Edith as the Drewes came back on the scene, good news for Anna and more clashes over the village hospital.


Downton Abbey will be shown on ITV1 and ITV1 HD from 9pm.