Doug Pederson on the Dolphins: They "played harder", wanted it more

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The fact that the trick play was used against the Philadelphia Eagles - who are known for popularizing the "Philly Special" move - will also be a source of pride for Flores and the rest of the Miami coaching staff, particularly given the struggles the team has endured throughout the season.

After Sunday's 37-31 loss, Pederson said his team "self-destructed" and was a "long shot" to make the playoffs after falling to 5-7.

Judging by how the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles have played lately, the division is definitely up for grabs heading into the final stretch of the season. "It starts with me and I have to fix things this week on the way to the Giants game".

With a record of 2-9, the Miami Dolphins have nothing to lose this season.

Are the Cowboys wasting away a career year from Dak Prescott?

Even running back Ezekiel Elliott is fifth in rushing with 909 yards this season, averaging an eighth-best 82.5 YDS/G.

There were a lot of area Eagles fans watching the game hoping Mike had a strong contest. It's the first of two meetings against NY, as the Eagles also have Washington and a must-win game against the Cowboys on their schedule. Outside of their games against the Redskins and Giants, the Eagles and Cowboys had overlap with the Dolphins, Packers, Jets, Vikings, Lions, Patriots and Bills, and Dallas has another game against the Bears up next.

There are so many different ways you can frame how bad the NFC East is this season. Instead of lining up in a typical formation, Dolphin's kicker Jason Sanders and four blockers lined up on the left side of the field, while three blockers went to the right side.