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Donald Trump takes it out on Fox News

Trump Wants to Start Digital Media Channel to Destroy Fox News

According to a Trump confidant who spoke to Axios on condition of anonymity, the president has been doing more than just complaining about Fox-he is said to be plotting his revenge against the once-favored network he feels spurned him. So he said this morning in a tweet in which he referred to the drop in viewership in daytime programs and the "even WORSE" figures for the weekend.

"Very sad to watch this happen, but they forgot what made them successful, what got them there". The deal would include a video-streaming service. Last week, Newsmax counted 1 million viewers during prime-time TV hours, the Journal reported.

There have been reports that Trump has considered creating his own network, but The Journal reports that he is now focused on potentially reversing election results. The biggest difference between the 2016 Election, and 2020, was [Fox News]!'

For Newsmax to overtake Fox News, which has been the leading cable network for almost two decades, it would need to steal a sizable chunk of its average 3.5million nightly viewers. The exodus of Trump supporters from Fox News and other such media outlets presents Newsmax with a growth opportunity.

Hicks Equity Firm, led by Thomas Hicks, has reportedly sought to raise $200million to create more right-leaning media avenues.

It is good news for rival conservative channels, the Economist noted.

The Journal noted that Trump supporters have looked for years to unseat Fox News as the agency closest to the conservative agenda. It's nothing unusual for us to have a conversation, ' he said.

Trump himself has turned against Fox News, an outlet he once championed as the antithesis to the "fake news media" he constantly rails against.

Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera, in a post on Twitter and in an interview with the network, said Trump had called him earlier on Friday. The President has also refused to concede the elections, despite Biden managing to win with a clear majority, even in key swing states.

Fox Corp shares were down 6% Thursday.

"We have always on thrived with competition", Murdoch said.

In a peak example of what news organisations such as NPR call "political tribalism", thousands of Trump adherents and right-winger Americans gathered in Washington DC without masks and full of conspiracy theories against Biden and his alleged voter fraud. "It's just freakish and I think they lose their credibility as a news organization".