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Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi attend National Prayer Breakfast

US President Donald Trump arrives to deliver the State of the Union address alongside Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Mike Pence,at the US Capitol in Washington DC

"As president, I will always cherish, honor and protect the believers who uplift our communities and sustain our nation to ensure that people of faith can always contribute to our society", he said. However, the House Speaker insisted she didn't do this sarcastically.

During that time, Pelosi canceled Trump's scheduled State of the Union address on January 29 because of security concerns, and polls showed Americans blamed Trump and Republicans for the shutdown more than Democrats.

On a separate note, Pelosi also told reporters she believes Democrats and the president can find "common ground" on lowering prescription drug prices, something Trump addressed during the State of the Union.

Pelosi went on to praise her fellow lawmakers for the work they're doing in holding the president accountable.

"I want to just pray for Arnold, if we can, for those ratings", the president said.

But it was Pelosi who won the internet last night with her patronizing clap, generating memes and other viral shenanigans showcasing the pure polarizing bubble the now under.

Much of the government closed at midnight December 22 after the White House and Congress deadlocked on President Trump's demand for $5.7 billion to build his border wall. We will not surrender our constitutional responsibilities for oversight.

Pelosi also didn't want to weigh in on the escalating political controversy in Virginia where the Democratic governor and attorney general have both admitted to dressing up in blackface in the past and the lieutenant governor is facing a sexual harassment claim.

"We will always protect our country's proud tradition of faith-based adoption", Trump said.

One subject that Pelosi was more than happy to talk about, however, was climate change.

Applauding throughout the breakfast, the audience reserved its longest ovation for Trump's pledge to upholds its pro-life policies toward unborn children.

Here's what Pelosi's daughter Christine thought about it.

What might make her body language a little more telling on Tuesday is that in the past her presence in the chair during a presidential address has been visible.but more encouraging?