Donald Trump Formally Names Mike Pence as VP Running Mate

Donald Trump with Mike Pence

In the end, Trump revealed his choice Friday morning on Twitter.

The billionaire property developer plans to hold a news conference on Saturday concerning the appointment.

Pence's selection gives Trump a running mate with strong ties to the Republican base - particularly social conservatives.

The Trump campaign also released a video of the real estate mogul and Pence previously on the campaign stump together shortly after the announcement of the GOP ticket. But the businessman put those questions to rest Friday when he tweeted that he was "pleased" to announce Pence as his No. 2.

The staunchly conservative Pence, who is 57, served six terms in Congress before being elected governor and could help Trump navigate Capitol Hill.

Speaking at a Republican Jewish Coalition event past year, Pence faced pointed questioning from Matthew Brooks, the RJC's executive director, about a law the IN governor had signed recently allowing businesses to discriminate against LGBT people, which Brooks suggested could undermine the GOP's efforts at attracting women and minorities.

Clinton's campaign moved quickly to paint Pence as the "most extreme pick in a generation".

If Indiana Governor Mike Pence is in fact Donald Trump's choice for a running mate, as trump tweeted Friday, then he is not just a good choice. While Mr Trump struggles to appeal to evangelical Christians, Mr Pence is well-regarded by them.

Pence didn't even endorse Trump ahead of Indiana's Republican primary on May 3 - the governor went with Texas Sen. But in an interview with Fox News that night Trump said he had not "made my final, final decision". But this will help as well - knowledge that Trump consulted with respected Christian leaders prior to making the selection. In December, he called Trump's proposed ban on Muslims entering the US "offensive and unconstitutional", a stand that will draw extra attention in the aftermath of the attack in France. He's up for re-election in IN and state law requires him to withdraw from that race by noon Friday if he's joining Trump on his ticket. "This was a top priority for conservatives, and Trump came through in a smashing manner".

But a year after that victory, Pence found himself under censure by preschool advocates, who wanted the state to apply for a share of $80 million in federal funds to expand preschools.

Christie is unpopular in his home state and still has the bridge scandal kicking around. Last year, he signed a controversial religious freedom bill into law.

Pence was also slammed for the planned 2015 launch of "JustIN", a state-operated news service that was ditched after critics panned it as "Pravda on the Plains".

Trump has spent weeks discussing his options with his adult children, business associates and even friends from his country clubs.

But Manafort, a veteran operative who flew to New York Thursday evening from Cleveland to meet with Trump, offered no clues and did not confirm that Pence had accepted an offer. Names that had been reported to be on his short list included Pence, Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Tennessee Senator Bob Corker.

Florida delegate Brian Ballard said the pick would ease fears some conservatives have about Trump.

Sara Zaheer, a rising sophomore at Indiana University Bloomington, says the thought of Pence leaving Indiana for the national stage doesn't bother her in the least. Late Thursday, Trump allied with party leaders to head off an attempt to let delegates vote for the candidate of their choice, rather than the candidate who won them. It was a major blow to Republican foes of Trump who have been working to try to thwart his nomination.