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Donald Trump Criticizes ‘Big T’ with Babylon Bee Satire Article About Twitter

Donald Trump tells the satirical Babylon Bee story like it’s real

The president has shared a piece of satire news about Twitter shutting down over-reporting on Joe Biden. "You're the boss. You're not, like, the uncle of a insane person who can retweet anything".

'Everyone knows I really like Fox & friends, but look, The Babylon bee is the absolute best.

The article was printed yesterday by The Babylon Bee, a information satire web site, whose personal Twitter bio reads "Faux information you possibly can belief". In order to accept Trump's definition of fake news, we must understand fake news for Trump is news he doesn't agree with. Find out more here!

US President Donald Trump made up yet another round of satire online after sharing a satirical article as if it were real news. The article falsely accuses Twitter of shutting down any negative comments about Joe Biden.

Trump shared the story on Friday morning without seeming to realize it was a joke, writing: "Why is Twitter doing this".

Trump was tricked and the treat was believing fake news himself.

The article shared by Mr Trump alleges that after seeing negative stories about Democratic presidential candidate Mr Biden, Twitter boss Jack Dorsey "smashed a glass box in his office reading "Break In Case Of Bad Publicity For Democrats". Mainly because it isn't true. And that includes his very bad interview last night. "Bringing more attention to Sleepy Joe and Big Tech", Mr Trump wrote.

FTrump's fake news tweet explained!

"The President admitted that bee Homepage "sometimes hundreds of times" a day for the latest stories".

The Babylon Bee took the President's blunder in its stride, quickly publishing another parody article reporting he had declared it his most trusted news source.

Only this week, he shared a freakish claim originating from the emergent QAnon movement that Mr Biden was involved in a conspiracy to fake the death of Osama bin Laden in 2011.

Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates said in a statement that despite the story's claims, no meeting had taken place between Mr Biden and a Ukrainian energy firm.

At a televised town hall event in Miami on Thursday, Mr Trump defended his retweets, saying "people can decide for themselves" if the outlandish theories he shares have any merit.