Dolly Parton's Vanderbilt donation supported Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine

Source Dolly Parton  Instagram

"I just found out today actually that it was for real, and that it was part of the programme we helped start".

By now, eight months after Covid-19 arrived in the USA, everyone knows that a vaccine would be the answer to nearly all of our prayers.

"I didn't want to say anything, but I thought, 'I need to check that out, and if that's so, I'm a very proud girl today, to know that I had anything at all to do with something that's going to help us through this insane pandemic'".

"The important thing to know is Dolly Parton funded the Moderna vaccine and will save us all because she is good", another user said.

"Dolly Parton contributed $1m to the development of the Moderna vaccine - just in case we didn't all acknowledge how unbelievable she is already", one Twitter user wrote.

"I felt like this was the time for me to open my heart and my hand, and try to help".

The Guardian reports her $1 million has also gone towards several research papers and a convalescent plasma study, which involves treating coronavirus sufferers with the plasma of people carrying antibodies against COVID-19. Which is exactly what they've done with their partner, biotechnology firm Moderna.

It's now been confirmed that Parton's donation helped directly lead to Moderna announcing it had produced a coronavirus vaccine. "Without a doubt in my mind, her funding made the research toward the vaccine go 10 times faster than it would be without it". The Moderna vaccine will require two injections four weeks apart. The 74-year-old reportedly gifted the money in honour of her longtime friend, Naji Abumrad, a professor of surgery. "The announcement closely follows similar news from a rival vaccine programme by Pfizer and BioNTech, which touted late-stage success a week ago", Andrew Dunn from Business Insider wrote. The vaccine they are working on is reportedly more than 90 percent effective. Frequently speaking about her humble beginnings and her large family that struggled for money but was rich in love, Dolly has used her blessings to give back to others.