Dolly Parton's Impromptu Song Moves Stephen Colbert to Tears

Stephen Colbert brought to tears by Dolly Parton’s singing on 'The Late Show'

The country legend previously said in a statement that recording "Mary, Did You Know?" especially moved her. "Mama used to sing all those songs brought over from the old world", Parton said, before giving an example: an old folk song called "Bury Me Beneath the Willow". One of those was "Bury Me Beneath the Willow" (a famous version of which was recorded by the Carter Family), a tune about a woman who's left at the alter and decides to kill herself. Moments later, he removed his glasses and was wiping away tears with a tissue. In promoting the book on The Late Show, the artist successfully managed to make her host, Stephen Colbert, cry on-air with an impromptu performance. When Parton stopped singing, she said, "So I better hush before you cry yourself to death and we can't finish the show".

"Like a lot of Americans, I'm under a lot of stress right now, Dolly", he said. "I'll tell you. That was pretty handsome". "And, uh, you bought beneath my tripwire proper there, I'll inform you proper there...that was fairly lovely".

He added: "Isn't it fun that sometimes there is nothing happier than crying?"

"We used to cry when Mama would sing though", Parton replied, validating the host's reaction. Colbert asked. "Yeah, I think it cleanses your soul", Parton answered. "That's what tears are for, I feel".

"There's just something about writing songs that's just kind of, like, my personal time with God", she says.

After her book is released, Parton's new Netflix special Christmas on the Square is set to head to streaming on November 22. The book is set for release on November 17, but is available for pre-order now; a deluxe edition of the book will be release on January 19, 2021, Parton's 75th birthday.