DeepMind Health Team Moving to Google

DeepMind Health pledges

As of this week, DeepMind Health will operate under Google Health, while other DeepMind sectors will remain independent from Google.

It adds: "Our vision is for Streams to become an AI-powered assistant for nurses and doctors everywhere - combining the best algorithms with intuitive design, all backed up by rigorous evidence".

DeepMind, a British artificial intelligence firm, was acquired by Google in 2014.

DeepMind Health was previously part of the AI-focused research group DeepMind, which is officially a sibling to Google, with both divisions being owned by the organisation's holding company Alphabet.

With the formation of Google's holding company parent Alphabet in 2015, the firm was technically classed as a sister company to Google, with both being subsidiaries of Alphabet. Privacy advocates say that by allowing Google to absorb Streams, DeepMind now has little hope of guaranteeing patient data will be used in an ethical way.

The Streams team will remain in London, under the leadership of former NHS surgeon and researcher, Dominic King.

DeepMind has also been criticised by health watchdogs in the past.

"Patient data remains under our partners" strict control, and all decisions about its use will continue to lie with them.

Critics are concerned that the change could put sensitive data in the tech giant's hands, despite Google stressing that patient information remains under the control of the NHS.

But it will now be California-based Google, and not London-based DeepMind, which will be operating the Streams app, which relies by its nature on the processing of patients' sensitive medical information.

'When we have promising results that could have impact at scale, we'll work closely with the Streams and transnational research teams at Google on how to implement research ideas into clinical settings'.

A research team at DeepMind will continue independently of Google but the Health brand will be taken over. "The move to Google does not affect this".