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Deadline approaches for students to make final learning model pick

Remote Learning Update- Jan 4

The region's medical officer of health ordered the closure of local schools starting December 14 - a week before the break was to begin - due to rising numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the area and to help stem the spread.

If there are any changes to his plan, the school board will notify parents.

Secondary students now in a CO-OP will begin January 4 in remote learning with their CO-OP teacher until deemed appropriate to return to their placements.

Following that initial week of remote learning, however, there will be a difference in the timing for a return to in-person classes depending on whether students attend an elementary or a secondary school.

"Please know that we understand the inconvenience that this will place on many families, however, we believe this proactive week-long pause will have the benefit of breaking the COVID-19 cycle, reducing the disruption of shifting back and forth between hybrid and full remote learning, and allowing for more in-person instruction over the long term", she said.

Those students already enrolled in remote learning through the ALCDSB Virtual School are not impacted by these changes and will continue their regular programming.

If in-school learning is allowed, GECDSB elementary students will be able to switch from their current model to in-person (at school when available) learning, remote/virtual (online) learning or remote learning using paper packages.

Limestone District School Board.

Until then, they said students will continue with distance learning when they come back from winter break next week. At the secondary level, the switch deadline is January 20 with a return date of February 3. Elementary students will return to the classroom on January 11, while secondary students will stick with online learning until January 25.