Date set for Peyton Manning-Tiger Woods versus Tom Brady-Phil Mickelson

Date set for Peyton Manning-Tiger Woods versus Tom Brady-Phil Mickelson

As of now, the PGA Tour is set to resume next month.

Here's what we know about this event, which is officially named "The Match: Champions for Charity".

The Match will be played at Florida's Medalist Golf Club, which is a rather notoriously hard course, as the contestants all already know.

Back in April, it was reported that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will square off in another golf match, but much different this time around as football players would be joining in on the fun. It charity showdown hopes to raise $10 million to benefit coronavirus relief efforts. Donations will go to, American Red Cross, Save Small Business and the All in Challenge, which provides food to those in need.

Woods/Manning will take on Mickelson/Brady in a team matchplay with a four-ball format on the front nine and modified alternate shot format on the back nine, with the event sanctioned by the PGA Tour. Social distancing guidelines will be respected at all times. Now they'll be competing again for a good cause.

Mickelson and Brady will team up against Woods and Manning.

Woods, Mickelson, Brady and Manning also are taking part in the ALL IN Challenge, in which celebrities are donating experiences to be sold.

During the live broadcast, Mickelson showed off that event's championship belt in the background.

"On the 18th hole, I leaned over to [former teammate Brandon] Stokley and asked if I could borrow a ball", Manning said. I know it bothered him. I probably would have done the same if I had lost and was angry too.

Woods one-upped him by claiming that it was "a little bit chilly" where he was before reaching off-camera for his own green jacket, a reminder that he triumphed at Augusta National just previous year. These kinds of pranks, in case you transfer to Champions for Charity, can only help lighten the mood at a time when everyone can use a little distraction.