'CSI' season 16, episodes 1 and 2 (series finale) preview

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As Grissom told his colleagues on an early episode: forget personalities, ambitions and assumptions and "concentrate on what can’t lie: the evidence". Ever because on "CSI," tough evidence with its glorious certitude paved the way to enlightenment.

"I think the fans would have been disappointed and upset if it just ended without any finality", Helgenberger said.

All that great, campy, referential humor is one thing, but even better is the fact that Grissom wears no less than three ridiculous hats - a camouflage beekeepers hat; a tatty, woven sunhat and a wool fisherman's cap - that along with his scruff makes him look like a third-rate Ernest Hemingway cosplayer.

Though the show finally had the luminous Helgenberger back as Catherine Willows, it trapped her in a one-dimensional storyline that underlined how the series only knew how to view the character through the fact that she was a mother.

The show has also picked up some famous fans, perhaps most notably Quentin Tarantino, who directed the fifth-season finale.

There were some funny moments in the episode, such as when we see Grissom after all these years getting arrested for trespassing on a boat in which the owner was illegally obtaining shark fins. "I still feel a little delirious", says Fox, speaking only a couple of days after wrapping the finale.

'CSI' season 16, episodes 1 and 2 (series finale) preview

No, the other pretty well-telegraphed payoff was that Grissom and Sara would use this reunion - which began with a bombing in a casino - as an excuse to get back together, literally sailing off into the sunset together. And now we've gotten a opportunity to close the book. "That's a very comforting feeling".

This all cemented a period of what Petersen calls "postmodern vagueness", with individuals doubting themselves and their world and asking yourself, "What does it mean?" What does it matter?

For those of you who don't know, before the Anthony Hopkins Hannibal Lecter film series or NBC's "Hannibal", Petersen originated the on-screen version of former FBI profiler Will Graham in the 1986 thriller "Manhunter", based on Thomas Harris' "Red Dragon" novel. In addition to that, you can expect to see at least a few surprises. The truth is, shows like this will never truly go away- they just morph into something else. Ted Danson, who has been the star of CSI in recent seasons, will be sticking with the franchise with a role on CSI: Cyber. "That was some of the cool stuff in 'Manhunter, ' the stuff we did with the lab in terms of finding the guy".


CSI premiered in October 2000 and was described as an "out-of-nowhere smash" having been the redemption of CBS after "The Fugitive" failed. "Immortality Parts I and II" - Grissom and Willows return to help the CSI team solve a catastrophic case that paralyzes all of Las Vegas, on the special two-hour series finale.