COVID-19 vaccine study awarded to Colorado Springs company

COVID-19 vaccine study awarded to Colorado Springs company

No COVID-19 vaccine has yet been approved for commercial use.

The vaccines and antibodies being tested by the COVID-19 Prevention Network are preventive products so volunteers must not have the virus to participate.

The sites for phase 1 and phase 2 clinical trials have been finalised and the trials are yet to begin, he said during a press briefing.

Many other countries, including the US, are coordinating closely with the private sector to try to win the vaccine development race, and China faces many challenges, the report said.

No process in vaccine development trials will be skipped, but approvals to carry out multiple phases of trials parallelly may be given.

Challenging the West's traditional dominance of the industry, China is behind eight of the 19 vaccine candidates in human trials, with Sinovac's experimental shot and one jointly developed by the military and CanSino among the front runners.

According to Fauci, the USA government will fund and conduct key studies on three experimental coronavirus vaccines in the summer.

Individuals who have been identified with lively COVID-19 or recovered from a COVID-19 an infection are not suitable to take part in the study. The crux of the guideline was that India should consider the research collaborations that are taking place with Indian enterprises and foreign research organisations and prioritise the approval process for various phases of clinical trials on the basis of data generated elsewhere too. Later this month, Sinovac's is set to become the third. Phases of the vaccine trial* The phase-I clinical trial would go on for 28 days. There are other research groups that are conducting studies of treatments that might be used for people who already have COVID-19. "But it is satisfying for us that there are two indigenous companies working on vaccines in India", he said.

China has challenges, though, as the epidemic has petered out in the country, hampering efforts to conduct large trials.

"Having a safe and effective medical countermeasure to prevent COVID-19 would enable us to not only save lives but also help end the global pandemic", added NIAID Director Anthony Fauci, M.D.

Although the European Union says that "collective purchasing power" will enable participants to drive down costs, officials argue the benefits are "limited" as most pharmaceutical companies are offering the United Kingdom similar prices to other countries.