COVID-19: Ontario reports 1,417 new cases

Bottles of the Oxford vaccine

Asked about the confusion during his daily COVID-19 briefing at Queen's Park on Thursday, Ford said that he has since spoken with senior officials in the Ministry of Health and has been assured that they were provided the estimates by federal government officials.

Temido said experts were working to decide which groups should get the vaccine first as well as distribution logistics from transport to storage.

So far, Canada has received developments from two vaccine developers, and now, potentially emerging is a third.

Pfizer and partner BioNTech SE said their vaccine protected people of all ages and ethnicities, with no significant safety problems so far in a trial that includes nearly 44,000 participants.

Seniors continue to be the age group hardest hit by the pandemic.

If rich countries do not close that funding gap, and then wait until most of their own residents are vaccinated before sharing doses, millions of frontline workers and vulnerable people in poorer countries could face a long wait for vaccination. "People will die if we do this", Warner said.

"The problem is that for now we don't know exactly how fast the virus spreads without any precautions and with the normal travel and social activities we had a year ago", said Winfried Pickl, professor of immunology at the Medical University of Vienna. Because we are a country of 135 crore people. "We have handled it very well", he added. "That's where we work, and we already have those established relationships".

Researchers say their findings are promising as they show that older people are showing a similar immune response to younger adults. For such large numbers of people, nobody can arrange large quantities of doses of vaccines in a single go.

"They continue to cause significant strain on our health-care system".

There have now been more than 98,000 infections confirmed in Ontario since the pandemic began, and 3,415 lives lost to the disease. Serum Institute of India (SII), which inked deal with Oxford-Astrazeneca for manufacturing their vaccine candidate has finished enrolment for Phase-III Covishield vaccine, supported by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

But while different vaccines work in different ways, almost all target the same part of the coronavirus, and some experts see strong early data as an indication that other vaccines may also work.

Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna and Russian Federation have all released interim data from trials of their potential vaccines showing more than 90% efficacy, buoying hopes that effective remedies against the respiratory pandemic may be ready for use soon.