COVID-19 infects seven cases on Artania cruise ship

COVID-19 infects seven cases on Artania cruise ship

Two other ships, the MSC Magnifica and MV Artania, are now at anchor off Fremantle and passengers will not be allowed to disembark unless for life threatening medical emergencies, McGowan said.

"The Magnifica and Artania both need to leave and go back to their port of origin and leave as soon as possible", said McGowan.

'This is an urgent situation, and we need to get this ship away from our state'. "The best way for that to occur is for all the non-COVID passengers to be taken off the ship and taken directly to their home country".

Two of the Artania's passengers were airlifted off on Thursday because of a non-coronavirus medical problem. "Available statistical models of the Diamond Princess outbreak suggest that 17.9% of infected persons never developed symptoms", researchers stated.

Police, local government and Aboriginal patrols will monitor for breaches.

Hundreds of cruise ship passengers are to be placed in coronavirus quarantine on an island home to one of Australia's cutest marsupials - the fluffy quokka.

The 68-year-old man from Queensland had been on another cruise ship - Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas - which docked in Sydney on 18 March. Some passengers were repatriated to countries including the United States and became sick after leaving Japan. On Sunday, West Australian residents will disembark.

Western Australia has taken a hard line against cruise ships.

'This not only protects themselves, but it protects their families as well, who could possibly come into contact with them if they are on the mainland'. "It was a complete and utter disaster". It's a nocturnal animal and considered to be an endangered species residing in south western Australia. Last week, 2,700 passengers from the Ruby Princess cruise ship disembarked in Sydney with minimal health checks. "There are no circumstances where we will allow passengers or crew to wander the streets in our state".

From there they will be ferried to the island and stay in vacated holiday accommodation.

"We are exercising the Rottnest option now for two reasons".

Since then, infections from the boat have reached 133, while more than 20 cases can be linked to two other ships that also docked in Sydney.

Cruise ship Vasco da Gama was refused berth in Perth on Friday, due to a ban on cruise ships by officials in Western Australia.

Cruise company Cruise and Maritime said of the vessel in a statement: "Vasco da Gama is now undertaking a 2837 nautical mile voyage directly back to Australia with 952 passengers including 907 Australian & New Zealander nationals and 552 crew members onboard arriving back in Fremantle (Perth) on 27th March".