COVID-19: Centre issues revised guidelines for home-isolation

COVID-19: Centre issues revised guidelines for home-isolation

In its advisory, the Health Ministry said coronavirus infected patients developing severe illness or having compromised immunity will have to test negative through RT-PCR test before being discharged by a hospital.

During a media briefing here, Lav Agarwal, joint secretary, ministry of health and family welfare, said, "We have to try together that whoever develops symptoms of Covid-19 should not hide, rather step out and get timely treatment".

Moderate cases have been categorised as these whose signs resolve inside three days and maintains saturation above 95% for the subsequent four days.

Patients with moderate disease may be discharged 10 days after the onset of symptoms if they do not develop fever or breathlessness and do not need oxygen support, provided the symptoms have disappeared.

"It has also been experienced that coronavirus patients with mild symptoms or no symptoms are not encouraged for home isolation by his family and close relatives", the letter said.

The patient, however, will be advised to follow home isolation for further 7 days.

According to the revised policy, mild/very mild/pre-symptomatic cases admitted to a COVID care facility "will undergo temperature and pulse oximetry monitoring". Single-day addition in new infections was 3,320 cases with 95 deaths in 24 hours.

For patients classified as severe cases of COVID-19, such as HIV patients, transplant recipients and those with malignancy, the guidelines mandate discharge will be after clinical recovery and after they test negative in RT-PCR test.

"There will be no need for testing prior to discharge", the new guidelines say, adding moderate patients on oxygenation whose fever does not resolve in three days and demand of oxygen therapy continues, they will be discharged only after resolution of clinical symptoms and ability to maintain oxygen saturation for three consecutive days.

Following the easing of restrictions of the nation-wide COVID-19 lockdown in India, there have been a sharp and alarming spike in positive cases.

But in case the oxygen saturation dips below 95 per cent before discharge, the patient will be moved to a Dedicated Covid-19 Health Centre (DCHC). There will be no need for testing prior to discharge. Until Saturday morning, 15.23 samples have been tested for Covid-19. In light of all these developments, the government of India has come out with revised guideline for the discharge of patients from health care facilities across the country. His or her health will again be followed up through teleconference on day 14, it said.