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Coronavirus vaccine dodgers could lose government payments, Health Minister Greg Hunt says

Coronavirus vaccine dodgers could lose government payments, Health Minister Greg Hunt says

Australia has announced a deal to manufacture a potential Covid-19 vaccine being developed by British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he expects to make coronavirus vaccination "mandatory" once the drug becomes available for use, amid concerns voiced by experts worldwide that herd immunity to the pandemic can develop only if enough people get innoculated.

The trial itself will be supervised by a foreign clinical research organisation, Dmitriev said, ensuring the data collection is fully in line with worldwide standards.

Morrison also remains committed to ensuring early access to the vaccine for countries in our Pacific family, as well as regional partners in Southeast Asia.

Announcing a deal that could provide free doses to Australia's entire population, Mr Morrison had said there should only be medical exemptions.

The spokesman said the New Jersey-based company hopes the trial will also determine safety, efficacy and the proper amount of dosing.

Morrison echoed those sentiments on the radio program on Wednesday when he said, "If we can get it done earlier than that, we will".

The US government has signed a number of agreements for COVID-19 vaccines under its Operation Warp Scheme initiative. "These could easily be turned into electronic vaccine cards and offered to each Australian".

The latest contract is priced at roughly $10 per vaccine dose, including a previous $456 million the government promised to J&J for vaccine development in March.

"Vaccines do not contain live human adenoviruses, but human adenovirus vectors, that is, human viruses that can not multiply in the body and are completely safe", he said.

"We seek to conduct trials across 11-12 hospitals in partnership with ICMR", a spokesperson of the Serum Institute said.

The strategy sets out Australia's approach to acquiring doses of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines based on: research and development, purchase and manufacturing, global partnerships, regulation and safety Immunisation administration and monitoring.

Australia is contributing significantly to vaccine development work both in Australia and around the world, investing $333 million in vaccines, therapeutics and COVID medicines - including $256 million in vaccines.

The recoveries have surged to 20,37,870 in the country, while there are 6,76,514 active cases of COVID-19, according to the data updated at 8 am on Wednesday.