Coronavirus: South Australia lifts lockdown early after contact tracers misled | DW

People queuing at the COVID-19 testing site at Parafield Airport

"The Emergency Management Act requires people to provide information on request", said police commissioner Grant Stevens.

"The lie was the person claimed that they had purchased a pizza from the pizza shop, where in fact they were working there and had been working there for several shifts", the Commissioner said. "I think what we need to have as a nation is a consolidated position on what best practice looks like", he told reporters in Adelaide.

"To say that I'm fuming about the actions of this individual is an absolute understatement", he added.

'This selfish actions of this individual have put our whole state in a very hard situation.

Health officials are still trying to contact potentially thousands of others who had contact with the Woodville Pizza Bar in order to isolate people who associated with the worker.

Nicola Spurrier, SA's chief health officer, said more than 3,000 South Australians remain in isolation after more than 50 potential exposure sites were identified by authorities.

It could be the undoing of South Australia's previously flawless quarantine system - how a security guard working at the state's medi-hotels was allowed to make pizza on the side.

Stand-up consumption will once again be prohibited outdoors, and group bookings in hospitality venues will be capped at 10 people.

For six days, only one person from a household will be allowed to leave home each day, and only for essential reasons, authorities said. Religious ceremonies will be capped at 100.

The move coincides with a premature ending to South Australia's statewide Covid-19 lockdown.

Masks will be mandatory for personal-care providers such as hairdressers and beauty therapists (and encouraged for clients).

The state hopes it will be able to revert to where it was before lockdown restrictions were in place on December 1 - the same date planned for South Australia to drop its border with Victoria.

Red-faced authorities stressed the costly lockdown had still been necessary - and that pizza parlour customers should still come forward for testing. "We are now taking action to amend that", he said.

The original six-day lockdown that began Thursday will end at midnight Saturday. "We now know they are a very close contact of another person who has confirmed as having been positive with Covid".