Coronavirus Queensland: Women fined $4k for exploiting loophole

Coronavirus Queensland: Women fined $4k for exploiting loophole

Three women charged with lying about visiting virus-riddled Melbourne hosted a drunken party at their Airbnb property that was shut down by Victorian police.

The venue is among those attended by one of the three young women who allegedly lied about travelling from Melbourne and dodged quarantine.

A BELLBIRD PARK man, 27, is the latest person to test positive to coronavirus in Queensland, bringing the state's number of active cases to 11.

Three women will go before the courts after they "deliberately deceived" police after returning to Queensland from Melbourne and Sydney.

Police working at the checkpoint believed the man and the woman were acting suspiciously and questioned them further about their movements and it is alleged differing versions were given.

Lasu chose to co-operate later in the day, according to police.

Finally getting tested on Monday, it's understood Ms Muranga was out in the community before her positive test result came back on Tuesday, with customers at the African Grocery Shop at Woodridge and the Grand Plaza shopping centre at Browns Plains warned they may have been in contact with a COVID case on Monday.

Muranga, Lasu and the friend were told they'd breached Victoria's health directives and were fined $1652.

Melbourne remains a city under siege as the barrage of bad coronavirus numbers keep coming.

According to The Australian, the two teens are under investigation over the alleged attempted theft of designer handbags from a high-end Melbourne store, and it is suspected they travelled to Victoria intentionally to do this.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said she was "absolutely furious", adding there would be a "thorough police investigation" into how the teens avoided quarantine.

"You need to think about this ... think about my sister ... she couldn't even breathe, some days she couldn't even breathe out of her airways", he said.

They returned to Queensland without declaring their whereabouts to officials.

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said on Thursday this criminal behaviour has put the community at risk.

"They went to extraordinary lengths to be deceitful and deceptive and ... that has what has put the community at risk", she said.

The woman was given a $4003 fine and turned away from the border.

Ms Carroll said she was "very disappointed" with the behaviour of Ms Muranga and Ms Lasu, and their unidentified travel buddy.

All three women are now in quarantine under police guard and will appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court on September 28.