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Coronavirus 'not even close to being over'


Any country claiming that contact tracing is hard during the coronavirus pandemic is using "a lame excuse", according to the head of the World Health Organisation.

The World Health Organization will send a team to Wuhan to investigate where the novel coronavirus may have originated, Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced, six months after the virus began its global spread. He added, "although many countries have made some progress, globally the pandemic is actually speeding up. But it's also a time for all countries to renew their commitment to universal health coverage as the cornerstone of social and economic development - and to building the safer, fairer, greener, more inclusive world we all want", said Ghebreyesus.

At a news conference in Wellington, Ardern said the pandemic "is escalating not slowing, and not even peaking in some countries yet", but that, "all of the while, we get to enjoy weekend sport, go to restaurants and bars, our workplaces are open, and we can gather in whatever numbers we like".

Calling the source of any virus "very, very important", World Health Organization chief said that fighting a virus is easier when one knows everything about it. He had earlier claimed that "the worst is still to come", and called for a global effort instead of fragmented efforts.

"With this kind of environment and condition, we fear the worst".

"Most people remain susceptible, the virus still has a lot of room to move", he said.

About half the cases, and almost half the deaths across the globe, have come in the Americas. More than 23% of the 189,077 new cases came from the U.S. The U.S. alone accounts for more than one-quarter of all confirmed cases, with almost 126,000 deaths.

In the state of Victoria, in Australia, 64 new coronavirus cases were confirmed, as the state struggled to contain the worst outbreak in the country.

In another grim milestone, the number of infections recorded worldwide rose to more than 10 million, according to an AFP tally, while some authorities reimposed lockdown measures that have crippled the global economy.

More alarmingly, the average age of patients in the USA has gotten younger.

The spike has led officials in Texas, Florida and other states to tighten restrictions on business again. This seems to be the reason why the number of deaths isn't rising as fast as it previously had.