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Coronavirus: Donald Trump vows vaccines for all Americans, refuses USA lockdown

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The Associated Press has called North Carolina for President Trump, with its 15 electoral votes, almost wrapping its state calls for the 2020 election.

Despite a recount being likely, Mr Trump would still not win the election even in the unlikely event that the vote result is overturned, because Mr Biden's overall lead is too large. The President has also refused to concede the election, and supporters have reportedly been arriving in the nation's capital for the march throughout the morning, KRQE 13 reported.

Back in September, Democrat candidate Joe Biden promised Fox News' anchor Chris Wallace during the first presidential debate with Trump not to declare victory until the election results were "independently certified", in the wake of Trump voicing concerns about potential election fraud associated with postal voting.

Mr Biden is up by more than 140,000 votes in MI with 99 per cent of the vote counted.

"Mr Trump should order the transition process begin immediately".

Much of Ireland were hoping for a Biden win, in part to see another Irish-American in the White House, and Drogheda-born Brosnan is no different.

The White House is planning for President Donald Trump to serve a second term despite his reelection loss, a top official said Friday.

Mr Trump took to Twitter, thanking those who supported his claim that the election was "rigged".

What's the plan for the pro-Trump rally?

The unsubstantiated claims came hours after USA election officials said the vote was the "most secure in American history".

In preparation, police closed off wide swaths of downtown, where many stores and offices have been boarded up since Election Day.

"Ideally we won't go to a lockdown", Trump said.

"Hopefully, whatever happens in the future, who knows which administration it will be, I guess time will tell".

Talking to one senior adviser today, they told me they think that the General Services Administration will come around and will ultimately give them that authority.

Despite Mr Trump's refusal to accept defeat, pressure was growing on him to acknowledge Mr Biden's victory and help prepare the transition from one administration to another.

"President-elect Biden has a wealth of not just experience but contacts, people he's worked with in the past, people who he can engage with to get briefings, have discussions with in the national security field, and he will certainly be doing that", she asserted.

China was previously among a handful of countries, including Russian Federation and Mexico, that had not congratulated the President-elect, with Beijing commenting earlier this week that it had "noticed Mr Biden declared he is the winner".