Coronavirus briefing: Tracking app to be piloted on Isle of Wight

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus on the Isle of Wight reached 143 on Monday

The new NHS app which tracks the spread of coronavirus is being tested in the Isle of Wight, where key workers will be the first to test it.

The trial of an app, which will track individuals' recent contacts after being tested positive with coronavirus, will start in the United Kingdom on Tuesday.

However, concerns have been raised over privacy, though ministers say the app has been designed with this "front of mind".

He said that once travel between countries resumed en masse it would "make sense" to have a decentralised system that could work with other tracing apps.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has reiterated the importance of using the app, which is being trialled on 80,000 residents in the Isle of Wight.

A trial of the app on the Isle of Wight begins this week.

It uses Bluetooth to track and trace contact between users - alerting people if someone they interacted with has displayed symptoms or tested positive for the virus. The need to track the spread of the virus.

James received a text from a listener which said: "If you think I'm sending anything to Johnson and Cummings, you can think again".

"Importantly, the public health authority has anonymous data to help it understand how the disease appears to be spreading, and has the anonymous contact graphs to carry out some analysis", he said in a blog post on the app's security.

"Privacy and security has been paramount throughout the app's development, and we have worked in partnership with the National Cyber Security Centre throughout".