Concerns that 'pub passports' are seen as discriminatory

Industry dismisses Johnson's 'vaccine passports' for pubs idea as 'repressive' and 'unworkable'

Johnson told the Committee that the public want him as the Prime Minister to "take all the actions to protect them".

Mr Johnson said he looked forward to getting his hair cut and having a pint of beer in the garden of a pub, among the activities permitted if stage two of his unlocking plan proceeds on April 12.

Government sources have also said this is part of a review on vaccine passports.

"And my impression is that there is a huge wisdom in the public's feeling about this and people instinctively recognise when something is risky and they can see that Covid is collectively a threat, and they want us as their government and me as the prime minister to take all the actions I can to protect them".

He added: "All sorts of things are being considered, I really think it's a bit premature to start talking about that".

He said: "It's absolutely fine to exclude people where there is a situation of bad behaviour or drunkenness, and that's already enshrined in law, but if you're going to exclude people for what they are, or what they have not done, that's a wholly different issue which does touch on discrimination, civil liberties, and in this case data protection issues".

All remaining restrictions on social contact could be lifted from June 21, allowing for larger events to go ahead and nightclubs to reopen.

All social distancing rules are due to be lifted on June 21, although the government has long said the timetable could change if the Covid-19 situation in the United Kingdom worsens. They'll be able to open their indoor services in May.

One poll suggested that Brits generally support the idea of a vaccine passport during the vaccine rollout. More than three in ten were against the idea. "One thing I will make clear is on April 12 when it will all be outdoors anyway".

All four are looking busy for the first few weeks but there are still spaces to be booked.