Clinton calendars won't be released until after election

Activists protested at the Republican convention in Cleveland over Donald Trump's plans for a wall along the US-Mexican

Estee Lauder executives who were listed as meeting with Clinton while her department worked with the firm's corporate charity to counter gender-based violence in South Africa.

Clinton got some bad news from a federal judge Monday, who gave the State Department until September 23 to determine a plan on how to release almost 15,000 documents the FBI had obtained as part of its investigation into her private email server - possibly creating a timeline where thousands of emails could be made public right before Election Day.

The 154 did not include US federal employees or foreign government representatives.

Mika Brzezinski of "Morning Joe" asked her outright: "Are you certain there are no e-mails or foundation ties to foreign entities that will be revealed that could perhaps permanently impact your presidential prospects?"

Minassian's comments come amid a fresh foundation-related controversy for Clinton: Newly released emails show State Department aide Huma Abedin and then-top Clinton Foundation official Doug Band discussed getting representatives of foundation donors seats to an official lunch with Chinese President Hu Jintao.

Yet the frequency of the overlaps shows the mixing of access and donations. This is in addition to the releases ordered of Clinton's emails. "It is outrageous to misrepresent Secretary Clinton's basis for meeting with these individuals".

The meetings between the Democratic presidential nominee and foundation donors do not appear to violate legal agreements Clinton and former president Bill Clinton signed before she joined the State Department in 2009.

Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, John Podesta, accused Trump of using the issue to hide from his own problems. The Republican nominee, who donated to the Clinton Foundation, has repeatedly charged that his opponent, while secretary of state, provided access to foundation contributors in exchange for donations to the charity at the heart of Bill Clinton's post-presidential legacy.

Trump spokesman Jason Miller released a statement Friday night saying: "It is unacceptable that the State Department is now refusing to release her official schedule before the election in full". He added that "meeting requests, recommendations and proposals come to the department through a variety of channels, both formal and informal".

Bill Clinton will curtail his direct involvement in the multi-billion-dollar charity and the group will transition some programs to like-minded charities, he said in a statement on the foundation's website Monday. Others we found by reviewing the archived government email accounts of people who had been government employees at the same time as Secretary Clinton, including high-ranking officials at other agencies, people with whom a Secretary of State might naturally correspond. Her detractors would say it was just another route through which she could be influenced by donors.

That's a far cry from what Donald Trump, liberated from fear of slander statutes because he's running against a public figure, said about Clinton on the stump Wednesday: "She sold favors and access in exchange for cash".

"I know there's a lot of smoke, and there's no fire", Clinton told CNN's Anderson Cooper in a rare interview. Aboussie donated between $100,000 and $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Another Grameen arm chaired by Yunus, Grameen Research, has donated between $25,000 and $50,000. Salman established the Crown Prince's International Scholarship Program for the Clinton Global Initiative.

Founded by President Clinton, the foundation has become a major player in worldwide health and global philanthropy.

FBI Director James B. Comey has said there is no evidence that emails were purposefully deleted with an intent to hide them, and a State Department spokesman said Monday that some of the records included emails that were purely personal.

The Clinton Foundation has raised money in the years since Bill Clinton left the White House and has launched a host of charitable efforts targeting climate change, improving quality of life for women and girls in developing countries and fighting health crises. So did a sports entertainment executive whose charity gave millions to the foundation and who wanted visa assistance for a British soccer player with a criminal history.

Clinton's State Department stonewalled the AP investigation for three years.