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Climate crisis has reached ‘point of no return’, United Nations chief says

Climate crisis has reached ‘point of no return’, United Nations chief says

In Delhi, about 50 school and college students marched to the environment ministry in the world's most polluted capital, carrying placards and chanting slogans demanding that the government declare a climate emergency.

"We must stop our war against nature, and science tells us we can do it".

Cuts in emissions of greenhouse gases - mostly from burning carbon-based fossil fuels - that have been agreed so far under the Paris deal are not enough to limit temperature rises to a goal of between 1.5 and 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

Climate activist Greta Thunberg calls out world leaders at the United Nations but the speech was missed by the USA president.

Delegates from nearly 200 countries will try to put the finishing touches on the rules governing the 2015 Paris climate accord at the December 2-13 meeting, including how to create functioning global emissions trading systems and compensate poor countries for losses they suffer from rising sea levels and other consequences of climate change.

Initially, COP25 was scheduled to be held in Brazil.

Chile subsequently chose to host the conference but it too had to back out as severe anti-government protests erupted in the country.

The latest demonstrations come as 200 nations prepare to gather in Madrid next week for a 12-day UN climate conference.

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Additionally, 15 Democratic party representatives headed by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi are expected to attend COP 25 in Madrid.

Huge wind farms built on lands belonging to indigenous communities in countries like Mexico, sometimes through CDMs, are one particular concern.

A U.S. delegation - despite the country already having given formal notice on withdrawing from the Paris Agreement - is one surprise attendant in Madrid.

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has been named author of the year by British bookshop Waterstones.

Minister Fouad asserted the importance of the negotiations towards reaching a consensus among nations on efforts of confronting the climate change. "It would be unusual if this one was any different".

The Band of England said Carney would earn $1 a year in his new role, almost 900,000 pounds ($1.15 million) less than his annual package at the British central bank.

"They put climate change onto the media's agenda, they push governments to take measures, and they act as a loudspeaker to warn us about what's happening".