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Climate activist climbs on top of plane during protests at London airport

Extinction Rebellion to'shut

The activists are attempting a three-day "Hong Kong-style occupation of the terminal building" to highlight what they claim is the "incompatibility" of the east London airport's planned £2 billion expansion with meeting the Government's legally binding commitment to go net carbon neutral by 2050.

Parolympian James Brown climbed on top of a plane to protest climate change at London City Airport on November 10, 2019.

The protester - London 2012 paracycling bronze medal victor James Brown - mounted the Amsterdam-bound plane, then refused to get down, as part of the group Extinction Rebellion's climate-change demonstrations, the outlet reported.

A spokesman for the airport said: "We can confirm that a number of protesters have arrived at London City Airport". After they were removed, some activists remained outside the building. Police said they had made "a number" of arrests.

Airport officials said the hub was managing to stay "fully open and operational" by limiting entrance to the main terminal to ticketed passengers.

LBC reporter Rachael Venables was at London City Airport as police put up security outside the airport, meaning no one could get into the airport without a boarding pass.

The airport said it was investigating the incident concerning the BA plane to "ensure the safe and secure continuation of service".

Cabin crew "calmly and very politely" asked the protester to resume his seat and when he declined they alerted the pilots, Watt said in a a tweet.

A London City Airport spokesman said the captain exercised his right to arrest the passenger under global flight safety rules.

But one flight to Dublin was delayed when an activist staged an on-board protest as the plane was due to take off.

The sit-in comes on the fourth day of the Extinction Rebellion climate change protests, which are taking place across central London and other major cities worldwide.

Aer Lingus said the passenger was removed "due to disruptive behaviour on board" and a full security check of the aircraft was completed prior to the flight departing.

"I was arrested on a peaceful protest and have been released without conditions while the police decide what to do".

As of 9am United Kingdom time Thursday, police had made 842 arrests, totaled over the course of several days, across London that are connected to the Extinction Rebellion protests.