Clark County shoppers show enthusiasm for Black Friday deals

Shorter shopping season means a more intense scramble

Shopping experts have blamed some of the lack of shopping on Black Friday due to the popularity of on-line shopping which saves customers time, gas, and money.

But US consumers aren't buying Black Friday the way they once did. And although they likely won't be seen roaming around on Black Friday, the store is also equipped with self-driving floor-scrubbing machines.

The store offered doorbuster deals during a six-hour sale from 5-11 a.m. Friday to lure shoppers through the door. It was slow at first, according to mall marketing manager Bree Sanchez, but traffic picked up as more families finished their Thanksgiving dinner and headed out.

Jason Woosley, vice president at Adobe, said preliminary data showed that Black Friday was also on the way to outperforming its performance past year by almost 19 percent, with promotions for sporting goods and equipment in particular.

Renslow added that many stores started promoting holiday items earlier than past year because of the shortened season. Eastern on Friday, online spending totaled $767 million, putting Black Friday sales on pace to top $7.4 billion, an increase of 19.2% from previous year, according to Adobe data.

This year's events led to protests in parts of France, Germany, and the Netherlands, including environmental concerts outside of Amazon distribution centers and shopping centers with human chains. This record is over two times of the total sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the same year.

Congress officially set the holiday as the fourth Thursday of November in 1941, after retailers complained in 1939 that the shopping season was too short when the holiday happened to fall on the fifth Thursday.

The data suggested the Thanksgiving day shopping spree hasn't "stolen any traffic from Black Friday", he said, adding that about 20 percent of the overall online sales for the season are expected between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.

Attention in the US shifted Friday to malls, where traffic has been on decline with the increasing popularity of online shopping and a rash of store closings.

"We're not seeing any slowdown in Black Friday" as a result of the big Thanksgiving turnout online, Woosley said.

Few shoppers were at Newport Centre in Jersey City, New Jersey, when Latoya Robinson walked in at 9:30 a.m.

Theodora Hatcher from Manhattan arrived with her son at around 6 a.m. Friday.

That has pulled spending into early November - more than half of consumers polled by the NRF in the first week of this month had begun making purchases.

As for the shortened calendar, she prefers it. That includes 39.6 million who said they were considering shopping on Thanksgiving Day, 114.6 million on Black Friday, 66.6 million on Small Business Saturday and 33.3 million on Sunday.