Chris Evans in Talks to Return to the MCU as Captain America

Steve Rogers and Tony Stark in'Avengers Endgame

Deadline's sources say that this return would not be for a new Captain America film and would be more akin to Robert Downey Jr.'s role as Tony Stark following Iron Man 3.

How Evans will return is unclear but Marvel have a history of inserting characters into movies even if their own character's franchises have come to an end, whilst the addition of Disney+ adds more opportunity for Captain America to return.

In Avengers: Endgame, Chris Evans' Steve Rogers aka Captain America didn't die, but he definitely went away after hopping through a time portal to go live out his life in secret with his WWII sweetheart Peggy Carter, only returning decades later (or minutes later, depending on your perspective) as an old man to handover his shield to Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson aka Falcon. Are you looking forward to seeing Captain America actor Chris Evans back in the MCU? A new report claims that Evans is now in talks to pick up the shield again, having retired it after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

This undoubtedly got a lot of fans screaming in multiple ways.

Evans has previously been quite outspoken about his reluctance to return to the MCU after what was such a good send-off for him and Steve Rogers in "Endgame". Insiders report that the deal isn't a sure thing yet, but it's quickly heading in that direction. Or maybe you want Old Man Steve as the elder statesman of the MCU? Well, to be honest, some cryptic shit. If it's just a cameo as an alt-Universe Captain America, I am fine with that. Marvel are now focused on Phase 4 of its MCU plans, which involves several films already in the works and a bunch of TV series on Disney+ starting with WandaVision. That's what I think. Baaki toh in Kevin Feige we trust!