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China says USA wants a new Cold War

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Pompeo, who has spoken about the Chinese military threats in the seas of the Indo-Pacific region and the mountains of the Himalayas, spoke of the threats to the economies from Beijing's drive for global domination and said a multi-front campaign is needed to confront them.

However, we are unlikely to see two separate blocs like during the first cold war, as many countries in Europe and Asia will keep a leg in both camps, leaning towards the United States when it comes to security and advocacy of democracy and liberty, while at the same time cooperating with China on the economic front, climate and other global issues.

"Each time we got reforms, there was no capacity to make that a science-based organization, and not a political one", Pompeo said.

Australia had said, "We are concerned about the steps being taken in the South China Sea which is increasing instability and may provoke conflict".

While Washington is Australia's main security ally, China is its biggest trading partner.

The highest United States diplomat, President Trump and a congressional fee have been extremely crucial of China's coronavirus response and lack of transparency, and accused China of making the worldwide pandemic, which has killed greater than 85,000 People, worse than it may have been.

Pompeo said Germany did not seem to recognize the threat from Russian Federation, saying more USA sanctions could be unveiled over the construction of Moscow's Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline to Europe.

U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper hailed the participation of five Australian warships last week in exercises with a United States carrier strike group and a Japanese destroyer in the Philippine Sea.

"We're proud to have stepped up maritime manoeuvres in that body of water alongside friends like Australia, India, Japan, and the UK".

"Belize and Haiti have denounced Beijing's national security law targeting Hong Kong". The EU condemned the law too, and also declared China a "systemic rival" past year.

Japan has also been eyed as a potential site for basing the weapons. In a provocative speech likely to worsen the already fraught US-China relations, Pompeo also alluded to Nixon's concern about what he had done by opening the world to China's Communist party in the 1970s, saying that Nixon had been prophetic.

Pompeo has championed a hard line on China, questioning the half-century US policy of engagement and urging an alliance to confront a "Frankenstein" Beijing.

"The relationship between China and Australia has now deteriorated to a very bad point and the chance for a turnaround is slim in the near future", Guangdong Research Institute professor Zhou Fangyin wrote in the piece.

Pompeo hailed Morrison for refusing to "bow to Beijing's wishes" after China retaliated by discouraging travel and trade with Australia and was accused of waging cyberattacks against government sites.

"What I am allowed to say is it will be thumpingly large, but the USA government will be spending the money to see it built", said a spokeswoman for the chief minister, Michael Gunner.

The envoy did not mention Trump or Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden by name, but he said some USA politicians were doing and saying anything to get elected. I said China wants to be a friend of the United Kingdom and China wants to be the UK's partner.