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China reports 14 new coronavirus cases, highest number since April 28

Besides vehicles carrying daily essentials such as food transportation in and out of Shulan is now strictly limited

The NHC said one imported case of coronavirus was reported on Friday and 15 new asymptomatic cases, all domestic ones, were confirmed in the country.

Bayin said the clustered infections in Shulan pose great danger to the lives of the public and the situation is heart-breaking, exposing the shortfalls and loopholes in anti-epidemic work.

By Saturday, the mainland had reported a total of 1,683 imported cases.

Jilin officials raised the risk level of the city of Shulan to high from medium, having hoisted it to medium from low just the day before after one woman tested positive on May 7.

Shulan raised its epidemic-response on Sunday to the highest level, making it the only city in China to do so now, after it reported 11 domestically transmitted COVID-19 cases, the report said.

Jilin also shares a border with North Korea, which insists it has no virus cases, much to the disbelief of global health authorities. It was the first time that South Korea's daily infections were above 30 in about a month.

The jump in new positive tests is reported to be the biggest since April 28.

German officials have expressed concerns about the growing number of large demonstrations, including one in the southwestern city of Stuttgart that drew thousands of participants.

France, which has a similar number of infections as Germany but a far higher death toll at over 26,300, is letting some younger students return to school Monday after nearly two months out.

Attendance will not be compulsory right away, leaving parents to make the hard decision of whether it is safe to send their children back to school or not.

In Spain, certain regions can scale back lockdowns starting Monday, with limited seating at bars, restaurants and other public places.

Around the world, the US and other hard-hit countries are wrestling with how to ease curbs on business and public activity without causing the virus to come surging back.

Many families celebrated Mother's Day weekend from afar, delaying or changing their normal plans.

"I am so blessed as many mothers today are", she said. All residents should stay home, except under unusual circumstances.

Worldwide, 4 million people have been confirmed infected by the virus, and more than 279,000 have died, including over 78,000 in the USA, according to a tally kept by Johns Hopkins University.

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