Chicago releases 911 calls from Smollett incident in January

Chicago releases 911 calls from Smollett incident in January

Newly released audio reveals the 911 call made by Jussie Smollett's manager reporting an attack on the actor that later turned out to be a hoax. "I just want to report it and make sure he's all right". "I'm gonna make him make the report", Gatson assured them. You know, they didn't do anything but they put a noose around his neck.

In the recordings, an unidentified caller who works for Smollett reported the incident. They put a noose around his neck. That's pretty fucked up to me.

Gatson made two calls, the first coming at 2:22 AM, which would make it 20 minutes after Smollett claimed to have been attacked.

After the phone call and proceeding investigation, Chicago PD accused Jussie of filing a false police report and for allegedly staging his own hate crime.

On the second call, the person is upset by the lack of police response and how long it is taking the authorities to arrive. "I'm gonna make him make the report". "I thought they [the police] would be here by now".

Empire showrunners wrote Jamal out of Season 5 amidst the prolonged scandal surrounding an alleged hate crime against Smollett.

Smollet previously claimed he was jumped by two men during the alleged attack in Chicago in January, but two brothers then alleged he had paid them to stage an attack.

Despite speculation about a possible return by Jussie Smollett for the sixth and final season of Empire, series co-creator Lee Daniels said via Twitter yesterday that he will not be back. The two attackers, it was claimed, yelled "This is MAGA country".

Smollett was later charged with lying to police.

Most pop culture observers and pundits believe the air surrounding Smollett is much too toxic to bring him back into the fold. The Fox star was indicted on 16 felony charges on March 8, but the Cook County State's Attorney's Office angered Chicago police and Mayor Rahm Emanuel by dropping all of Jussie's charges on March 26!