Chicago Bulls' Taj Gibson hopeful on Derrick Rose injury

Chicago Bull point guard Derrick Rose has been accused of sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend in August 2013

Derrick Rose just can't catch a break. Recalling last season's head-scratching comment about saving his body for future business meetings and his son's graduation, Rose brought up, unsolicited, his 2017 free agency. So he'll undergo surgery Wednesday, and the timetable for his return will be determined after that.

And while this setback pales in comparison to the three knee surgeries Rose has endured, it's yet another mental challenge for a former most valuable player who tried to remind all of his greatness. That's right, Derrick Rose is HURT.

Nikola Mirotic said the team was told it was nothing serious, and although the tendency when putting the words "Derrick Rose" and "injury" together leads to mass panic and skepticism, this isn't a torn ACL or right meniscus injury. We don't know the severity of it, but hopefully he'll be fine.

He inherits a roster with Rose, Jimmy Butler, Pau Gasol, Joakim Noah and a veteran group that's done everything except go all the way. "And I feel like that when you're that focused, people just try and take you down, so I'm very confident that I will be proven innocent".

"He got a little elbow", Gibson said.

Chicago Bulls fans were optimistic for a great season under rookie Head Coach Fred Hoiberg. The Bulls did all of that and more during the offseason, which ended with Monday's media day and the start of training camp with double practice sessions Tuesday.

According to the lawsuit, Derrick Rose's accuser is suing for unspecified damages.

The unidentified woman said in her lawsuit filed last month in Superior Court in Los Angeles that she dated Rose for approximately two years before their romantic relationship ended in July 2013 because "she would not have sex with his friend or other couples", according to the suit.

But athletic trainer Jeff Stotts, who keeps a database of NBA injuries, wrote in 2014 that NBA players needing surgery after suffering a facial fracture "missed a minimum of five games and an average of 12 games".


"Making sure that my family is financially stable - as far as, you see all the money that they're passing out in this league, [I'm] just telling the truth, just knowing that my day will be coming up soon".