Chauvin Trial Day 3: Jurors, eyewitnesses watch body cam, surveillance footage


Watch a direct feed of the trial live in the video player above.

Yesterday, jurors heard testimony from witnesses, and they saw body-camera footage from Minneapolis police officers.

At one point, Floyd bucks forward, throwing his upper body out of the vehicle. When he was taken outside, Floyd told the officer that he "didn't know what was going on" and that he was "scared as f**k". He told the court Mr Chauvin had used a risky technique called a "blood choke" and was moving his knee back and forth to increase the pressure on Mr Floyd's back and neck.

"He wouldn't get out of the auto. I just lost my mom" in Mr Lane's recording.

Another officer checked Floyd's wrist for a pulse and said he couldn't find one.

The video was part of a mountain of footage - both official and amateur - and witness testimony at former Officer Derek Chauvin's murder trial that all together showed how Mr Floyd's alleged attempt to pass a fake $20 bill at a neighbourhood market last May escalated.

A security-camera scene of people joking around inside the store soon gave way to the sight of officers pulling Floyd, who was Black, from his SUV at gunpoint. Eventually, someone called police and that set off the sequence of events that led to Floyd's arrest and death later that night.

Chauvin said that at the time to Charles McMillian, a 61-year-old man who started watching when officers arrested Floyd on suspicion of passing fake currency at a corner store and then struggled to get Floyd into the back of a squad auto.

Videos played in court Wednesday included the first publicly heard defense of Chauvin's actions, in his own words.

"We had to control this guy because he's a sizable guy".

Meanwhile, Mr Chauvin's lawyer Eric Nelson said the case was about the evidence, not about a "political or social cause".

A key witness who was with George Floyd on the day he died has informed the court that he will invoke the Fifth Amendment if asked to testify in Derek Chauvin's murder trial.

The most serious charge against the now-fired white officer carries up to 40 years in prison.

The Hennepin County Public Defender's Office filed a notice Wednesday on behalf of Morries Lester Hall, 42, who was in the auto with Floyd when police approached him for allegedly using a fake $20 bill at Cup Foods in Minneapolis.

Mr Floyd's death, along with the harrowing bystander video of him gasping for breath as onlookers yelled at Chauvin to get off him, triggered sometimes violent protests around the world and a reckoning over racism and police brutality across the US.

Asked by prosecutor Matthew Frank what he felt at the time, Mr Martin became visibly upset and said "disbelief and guilt".

She said she thought Floyd sometimes bought pills from Morries Hall, who was sat in the vehicle next to Floyd in the front passenger seat when police arrived last May.

Martin, 19, said he knew right away the banknote was fake but took it anyway.

But he then second-guessed himself and told a manager, who sent him outside to ask Mr Floyd to return to the store.

But Mr Floyd and a passenger in his SUV twice refused to go back into the store to resolve the issue, and the manager had a co-worker call police, Mr Martin testified.

Martin said that when Floyd was inside the store buying cigarettes, he spoke so slowly "it would appear that he was high". But he described Mr Floyd as friendly and talkative.