Charges dropped against white N.Y. woman who falsely accused Black man

Christian Cooper filmed Amy Cooper after she refused to stop her dog running through woodland

Amy Cooper - better known as Central Park "Karen" for making a false report against a Black man - is off the hook in her criminal case after getting some therapy.

Amy Cooper drew widespread condemnation and was sacked from her job at investment firm Franklin Templeton for her reaction to birdwatcher Christian Cooper, who had confronted her for walking her dog without a lead on May 25.

Illuzzi-Orbon also said the diversion program Cooper completed with Manhattan Justice Opportunities was a punishment "consistent" with other misdemeanor cases, the paper said.

In the video Christian Cooper recorded of Amy Cooper, he sounded calm and appeared to keep a safe distance from her. Prosecutors said she also falsely accused the man of trying to assault her. "When responding officers arrived, Ms. Cooper admitted that the male had not "tried to assault" or come into contact with her".

The Critical Therapy Center provided classes to Cooper that "focused on the ways in which Ms. Cooper could appreciate that racial identities shape our lives but we cannot use them to harm ourselves or others", Illuzzi said.

Amy Cooper was arraigned in NY in October on a charge of falsely reporting an incident in the third degree, a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail. "Psychoeducation about racial equality is woven into each therapy session to prompt understanding and reflection".

The prosecutor said Ms Cooper's therapist described it as a "moving experience" and that she learned "a lot in their sessions together". New York Criminal Court Justice Anne Swern approved the dismissal of the charges.

Cooper, who was sacked from her job at the investment firm Franklin Templeton, also issued an apology through a public relations firm a year ago, explaining that she had misjudged Christian Cooper's intentions that day at the park.

"Mr. Cooper did not wish to participate in the criminal justice process but we determined that the defendant's offense wasn't exclusively against one individual but was a threat to the community if allowed to go unchecked", Illuzzi said in the statement.