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Canadian PM Trudeau cancels U.S. visit marking new trade deal

Canadian PM Trudeau cancels U.S. visit marking new trade deal

Trump also greeted the United States-Mexico-Canada Arrangement (USMCA) that came into force on July 1, calling it the "largest trade deal ever made" that will "bring countless jobs and groundbreaking labor protection".

He added that the two leaders will have a phone conversation later in the day. It also promotes the use of high-wage labor, which is expected to make USA and Canadian workers more competitive vis-a-vis Mexican workers.

"If he thinks that going to Washington in this moment ... is going to insulate him or protect him from future actions by this president, especially in a campaign year - against tariffs, against some kind of other punitive measure - I think he's fooling himself", said Roberta Jacobson, a former US ambassador to Mexico under both Trump and his predecessor Barack Obama.

Mr Lopez Obrador signalled he wanted to put the insults in the past.

"I did the test", López Obrador said. I look forward to meeting with the president.

"It's exemplary", he said, saying Trump treated his Mexican guest with respect and defied the expectations of some critics to show him up.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is due to meet U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House on Wednesday.

Some analysts have noted that Trump has used America's tremendous economic leverage, including threats of tariffs and even a total border closing, to pressure the Mexican leader on issues of trade and immigration.

"If there is not a better investment climate for both foreign and domestic private investment, it will be very hard to use the opportunity of USMCA and the drift between China and the United States to our advantage", the former ambassador to Mexico, Geronimo Gutierrez, told The Associated Press Wednesday.

Trump "didn't like" Trudeau, former White House National Security Advisor John Bolton writes in his new book.

While Lopez Obrador built his career decrying widespread corruption and his country's crony capitalists, Trump won office by stoking fears about immigration.

Lopez Obrador on Monday told reporters Trudeau was invited to Mexico and that they would speak at around 0930 local time.

"It is always important that there be cooperation for development".

The country's Indicador Global de la Actividad Económica, or IGAE, economic indicator, a proxy for gross domestic product, plunged by 19.9% in April - almost double the previous record drop of 11% during the depths of the financial crisis in 2009.

Trump said Tuesday that he expected "quite a meeting" with Lopez Obrador. Trump has also repeatedly said he will stick to a campaign promise to make Mexico pay for his planned border wall. The visit, coming just four months before USA elections, has many Mexicans cringing.

The USMCA reaffirms our shared understanding that North America is a region that generates prosperity for all of its citizens and it strengthens our cooperation in fighting corruption through the strongest disciplines on corruption in global trade of any worldwide agreement.