Calling it "last night’s fireworks", NASA astronaut shares pictures of Neowise comet

Calling it

According to the Ambassador, NASA, the coma of the comet should remain visible in just a few minutes before sunrise every day till 11 of July. The bright star Capella can serve as a marker, as the comet lies just below it, while the brilliant planet Venus is visible to the east. The thinking was, like its predecessors, comets ATLAS and SWAN, it probably wouldn't survive its journey past the Earth.

"It is always better to observe comets with optical aid, especially a pair of binoculars and to seek dark rural skies, away from light polluted cities", Michael Mattiazzo, an amateur astronomer who has discovered eight comets, told Newsweek.

A newly discovered comet will making appearance as it passes by Earth in the coming days.

On July 4th the bright full "Buck Moon" stole the show from fireworks across the northern hemisphere, however there are plenty more celestial sights occurring this month.

Calling it

NASA astronaut Robert Behnken and his Russian colleague Ivan Wagner took the picture from aboard the global space station is the brightest for the last seven years the comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE). "You need to have a good idea of where to look-and binoculars will help".

The most handsome and impulsive celestial object perceptible in the night or morning sky is the 'Comet.' Most of the time, Comets remain in deep-frozen "sleep" in outer space, but sporadically they are dislodged from their orbits and fall forward the inner Solar System. To the extent that, like a comet Neowise begins to move away from the Sun and closer to Earth, then it is better it is visible above the horizon in the predawn sky.

"Get your kids up early, if you have them, or get yourself up early, and go see this lovely sight", she says. So it will be visible really low in the northwestern horizon on July 13th, but every night after that, toward July 23rd or so, it's going to be higher and higher in the sky. Night watchers and astrologists are hoping that the comet will soon be able to be seen with the naked eye. The brightest stars in the sky are of the first magnitude. Therefore, all hopes for a handsome space the show can justify only comet Neowise. Around July 22, it'll be closest to Earth.

In the meantime it is still a good idea to get up early in the morning this week and try to get a glimpse of the comet NEOWISE just in case it gets fainter prior to the middle of this month.