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By October, UK may have more than 50000 cases on daily basis

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrives for a service to mark the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain at Westminster Abbey London Sunday Sept. 20 2020

Saying that Britain had to act now or face a huge second wave of the disease, Johnson announced a package of new restrictions, including requiring restaurants and other entertainment venues in England to close down between 10pm and 5am, and urging people to work from home where possible.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is supposed to set out further constraints on Tuesday, as ministers try to uncover a balance between marking down on the pandemic and avoiding a full lockdown that would snuff out the recovery after the economy fell into its deepest recession for more than 100 years.

Speaking along with Chris Whitty, the UK's primary medical officer, Vallance stated the "increase in case numbers has translated into a rise in hospitalisations, and deaths are also increasing", alerting that what was required was "speed and action, and enough to bring that rate down".

- The UK, said Whitty, must face up to a "six-month problem" as the colder weather arrives, telling the nation: "At this point the seasons are against us, we're now going into the seasons - late autumn and winter - which benefit respiratory viruses, and it is very likely they will benefit Covid, as they do, for example, flu".

Ahead of the meeting, the Prime Minister will phone the first ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, while the Cabinet received a detailed briefing from the Government's chief medical, scientific and economic advisers over the weekend, Mr Johnson's official spokesman said.

The official United Kingdom death toll stands at 41,788 people.

Whitty also said new infections were affecting all ages.

"This is not someone else's problem", he said. Nearly 3,900 new infections were reported on Sunday, compared with a peak of 6,199 cases on April 5. Although the number of new cases has risen in recent weeks, fatalities have remained relatively low. The U.K. reported a seven-day average of 21 deaths a day last week, compared with a peak of 942 on April 10.

They said: "The Joint Biosecurity Centre has recommended that the Covid-19 alert level should move from Level 3 (a Covid-19 epidemic is in general circulation) to Level 4 (a Covid-19 epidemic is in general circulation; transmission is high or rising exponentially)".

Whitty warned that lockdowns, restrictions and curfews would have big social and mental health impacts. If we do too little, this virus will go out of control and you will get significant numbers of increased direct and indirect deaths, " he said "But if we go too far the other way, then we can cause damage to the economy which can feed through to unemployment, to poverty, to deprivation - all of which have long-term health effects so we need always to keep these two sides in mind".

Lockdown fears hit stocks on Monday as shares in companies in aviation, hospitality and travel took a beating. People will also only be able to meet people they don't live with outdoors.

An app meant to bolster virus contact tracing efforts is to be released this week after months of delay.