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Britain to quarantine all global travellers from June 8

SAGE member pours cold water on government plans to quarantine people coming to UK

New arrivals to Britain must self-isolate for two weeks from June 8, with fines for anyone who breaches the measure created to prevent a second wave of coronavirus from overseas, Home Secretary Priti Patel said Friday.

Any passengers arriving in the UK by plane, ferry or train would be asked to provide an address to UK Border Force officials about they would self-isolate, and could be fined up to £1,000 if they're found to be breaking the quarantine, BBC say.

Breaches would be punishable with a £1,000 fixed-penalty notice in England, or prosecution with an unlimited fine, while devolved nations can set out their own enforcement protocols.

Anyone who can not provide a suitable address will be provided accommodation by the Government.

The government said there would be some exemptions, including road haulage and freight workers, medical professionals travelling to help with the fight against the coronavirus and those coming from Ireland.

But Number 10 had previously said the measure would be reviewed every three weeks once it is introduced.

Greece's long-awaited tourist season will begin on June 15 with the opening of seasonal hotels and the arrival of the first foreign visitors, while worldwide flights will begin heading directly for holiday destinations from July 1.

There will be a fine of £100 for failure to complete the form, and the Border Force will have the power to refuse entry to non-UK citizens who do not comply with the new regulations.

Stephen Hale, chief executive at Refugee Action, said: "The UK has a legal obligation and a moral responsibility to protect people fleeing war and persecution".

She also said that current Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice is not to travel overseas unless it is "essential".

There has been confusion about the United Kingdom policy, after the government initially said it would not apply to people arriving from France. They will also be "encouraged" to download a contact-tracing app that authorities are developing - if the glitch-filled app is ever put into use.

You will be expected to comply with Ireland's self-isolation policy before making onward travel to the rest of the UK.

Information will be available to incoming travellers, including on the government's social distancing guidelines, through messaging and announcements in-flight and leaflets and posters on arrival.

"As we are able to gather more data and have better surveillance of a rate of infection in different parts of the country then we will be able to lift measures quicker in some parts of the country than in others", the prime minister's official spokesman was quoted as saying.

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