Brewers home opener postponed after Cardinals test positive for COVID-19

The front of Miller Park in Milwaukee with a blue sky and an empty concourse

But getting every team to 60 regular games before the postseason may be challenging, given the limited off-days built into the schedule.

The Milwaukee Brewers' home opener against the St. Louis Cardinals has been postponed after two Cardinals players tested positive for COVID-19.

MLB's decision to postpone Friday's game follows an outbreak earlier this week among the Miami Marlins, who have had 19 positive tests thus far.

St. Louis wrapped up a two-game series on the road in Minnesota on Wednesday.

"The following game is postponed".

MLB Network, and others, reported that the latest postponement was the game between the Brewers and Cardinals. The Twins this weekend are playing host to the Indians. As of Friday morning, it remains unclear how many individuals have tested positive. Multiple Twins players have, up until this point, spoken of how safe they have felt in their altered work environment.

A Monday night Major League Baseball game between the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies has been postponed following a coronavirus outbreak within the Miami Marlins.

The New York Yankees had games postponed against Philadelphia this week, too.

The sport has been back for a little over a week and on Friday games between the Washington Nationals and Miami Marlins, Philadelphia Phillies and Toronto Blue Jays and Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals were postponed because of the coronavirus. The league had hoped the virus was contained to a handful of teams from the east divisions - but now a club in the central zone has been affected.

The outbreaks appeared to have been limited to just those two teams. but Heyman's report Friday raises the question - can the Major League Baseball finish its season?