[BREAKING] Top Secret's Yohan revealed to have passed away


K-pop artist Yohan, a member of the boy group TST, has died. "From being a BTS stan, i would like to say how sorry i am to hear about the passing of a fellow idol from TST, I wouldn't know how to feel if one of my idols had passed away, my heart and thoughts are with you!" a tweet read. "The late Yohan's family is now in deep mourning", KJ Music Entertainment said in a statement to local outlets via Daily Mail. We sincerely ask the media to refrain from spreading rumours and speculation on Yohan's cause of death. His cause of death is being kept private at the request of his family. Here are five things you should know about Yohan.

KJ Music Entertainment, Yohan's talent agency, confirmed the news this Tuesday, according to several Korean news outlets.

It is unknown how Yohan died.

Yohan and TST in 2018 [AP Images].

Yohan entered the K-pop scene in 2013 with the group NOM (No Other Man), and in 2017 joined the six-piece group TST, who reached the South Korean Top 30 with their EPs Time's Up and Wake Up. Before he became a part of the group TST/Top Secret, Yohan got his first brush with fame in 2015. Their last single was released in January titled Count Down. Like many K-Pop stars, Yohan was adored by an worldwide audience. On his own Instagram account, the singer boasted roughly 32 thousand followers.

Yohan's death has shocked fans.

Celebrities and netizens have paid tribute to him online.