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Brazilian Gangster Disguises as His Daughter in Daring Prison Escape Bid

Clauvino da Silva

Investigators are probing whether relatives and friends who had visited the 42-year-old da Silva, including his 19-year-old daughter, had smuggled the items he used for the attempted prison break. In something of an elaborate scheme, Clauvino da Silva donned an eerily realistic silicone mask, a long dark wig, a pink shirt designed for a teenager, and tight denim jeans. Her possible role in the failed escape is being investigated by police.

Clauvino da Silva, a drug dealer from the city of Angra dos Reis, was however caught by prison guards at the Bangu jail complex in Rio state on Saturday (Aug 4), as he tried to exit via the front door after visiting hours.

Following his foiled plan, Rio de Janeiro's state secretary of prison administration posted a video showing da Silva removing the mask, wig, and clothing (bra included) before stating his name.

Authorities said da Silva was part of the Red Command, a powerful arms and drug trafficking criminal organization in Brazil, according to the AP.

However, prison officials noticed his nervousness and stopped Silva, who is also known as "Shorty" before he had reached freedom, according to Fox News.

After the failed escape bid, da Silva was transferred to a special unit of a maximum-security prison and will face disciplinary sanctions, officials said.

Da Silva is serving a 73-year prison sentence for various crimes.

It was not his first attempted escape.