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Boris Johnson urges ‘full, transparent’ investigation into Navalny poisoning

FILE- Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny and his spokeswoman Kira Yarmysh walk in Kostroma Russia

Tom Tugendhat, Tory Foreign Affairs Committee chairman, Chris Bryant, Labour chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Russia, and other select committee chairs last week wrote to the Russian ambassador in support of Mr Navalny and asked for a "full and independent investigation led by global investigating officers" into the allegations he was poisoned.

'We need a full, transparent investigation into what happened.

Navalny ally Ivan Zhdanov said that the probe should have been launched August 20, right after the politician's team submitted a request.

The settlement was imposed on Navalny for making supposedly slanderous accusations against a company that caters to Russian schools.

Found in some drugs, pesticides and chemical nerve agents, cholinesterase inhibitors act by blocking the breakdown of a key chemical in the body, acetycholine, that transmits signals between nerve cells.

The Kremlin said on Wednesday it hoped opposition politician Alexei Navalny's illness would not damage Russia's ties with the West and that it was keen to find out why he fell ill despite declining to open an investigation into the incident.

Peskov also made a discouraging reference to Russian parliamentary speaker Vyacheslav Volodin's orders on Tuesday to begin investigating a conspiracy theory that Navalny was actually poisoned by "foreign states" in a false flag operation.

It comes amid mounting global pressure from Western leaders - including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo - to investigate the incident.

"He (Putin) hates what the FBK does too much, exposing him and his entourage", Zhdanov said.

Unusually, the Kremlin statement quoting him referred to Navalny by name, while its practice has been never to do so.

Prigozhin said that 'if comrade Navalny kicks the bucket, I personally don't intend to persecute him in this world.

The Kremlin has dismissed as "hot air" and untrue any suggestion Putin was somehow involved in Navalny falling ill.

If Navalny survives, Prigozhin said he would be liable 'according to the full severity of Russian law'.

Navalny in July formally closed the foundation in a move to avoid paying its share of the court-ordered penalty.

Navalny himself has suggested Putin would be foolish to murder him because it would "turn him into a hero", but Ivan Zhdanov, director of Navalny's FBK anti-corruption investigative foundation, asserted on Wednesday that only Putin could have authorized an assassination attempt. The German clinic said its initial medical examination pointed to poisoning, though Russian doctors who had treated Navalny in a Siberian hospital have contradicted that diagnosis.

The specific substance is not yet known but cholinesterase inhibitors are a group of chemical compounds used in medicines to alleviate symptoms of Alzheimers and other kinds of dementia. Some experts have noted that Novichok, the Soviet-era nerve agent used to poison former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Britain more than two years ago, was a cholinesterase inhibitor.