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Board of canvassers deadlocked on certifying election results in Wayne County

GOP temporarily block Michigan county election results

The Wayne County Board of Canvassers acted after the 2-2 tie was condemned by Democrats and election experts as a unsafe attempt to overthrow the will of voters.

The board was deadlocked earlier Tuesday evening, voting 2-2 on whether to certify the count of 867,409 ballots cast in the county.

The Great Lakes Justice Center has filed an emergency appeal after a request for an audit of election results and injunction request to stop certification were denied.

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes had a different take, calling the vote "an outrageous display of partisan posturing" and saying the Republican members "have chosen to tarnish their personal legacy by picking up the GOP banner of making allegations without any evidence".

"Based on what I saw and went through in poll books in this canvas, I believe that we do not have complete and accurate information in those poll books", Palmer said.

An effort to stop the certification of Detroit-area votes from the November 3 election was rejected Monday by the MI appeals court.

When announcing their decision to certify the results, the board also called on Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to do a comprehensive audit on the precincts in Detroit that had found discrepancies during their post-election review. The largest discrepancy of unbalanced votes was in Livonia, where 27 more ballots were counted than what was on record in a precinct. Still, the failure to certify by the Wayne County Board of Canvassers is a boost for President Donald Trump, who is grasping for ways to slow down his inevitable defeat.

"(Imbalanced precincts) is a normal occurrence, this happens every election cycle and doesn't prove there was deliberate misconduct during the election", Wilson said. The county board must turn over all documentation to the Secretary of State's office and Board of State Canvassers, which then has 10 days to complete the work and certify the results.

Wayne County, the largest county in MI and home to Detroit, is heavily Democratic.

The Michigan Board of State Canvassers is meeting Wednesday, but statewide certification of the election is not on the agenda.

She added that the board did not explain why it "basically said never mind, we changed our minds and certified the results".

It isn't the first time out-of-balance precincts have raised concerns in Detroit, as MI election law doesn't allow recounts of precincts where poll books don't match the number of ballots cast.