Black Lives Matter plans protest at Twin Cities Marathon

Activist De Ray McKesson links Blacks Lives Matter Movement and fighting HIV  AIDS

The Wisconsin native was one of the activists who garnered a huge social media following for his first-hand reporting from the protests in Ferguson, Mo., over the August 2014 shooting death of Michael Brown, an unarmed Black teenager, by former police officer Darren Wilson. But initially, he and the artist discussed incorporating the phrase "Lives Matter" or "All Lives Matter".

On Thursday, Bush contrasted his platform with that of Democrats, who he said get black voters by offering them "free stuff": "Our message is one of hope and aspiration".

"#AllBlackLivesMatter is a rallying cry to end the police murder and police brutality of Black trans women, Black sex workers, Black women in police custody and Black LGBTQ people" says LeRoi Newbold, organizer with Black Lives Matter - Toronto.

Theresa Soto responded to the question, "Is it cultural appropriation for white people to participate with Black Lives Matter?"

Earlier this month, a controversy broke out over the Beverly Unitarian Church's decision to remove "Black Lives Matter" from its electronic signboard.

Released in April, "And Still I Rise: Black Women Labor Leaders' Voices, Power, and Promise" summarizes interviews with 27 and surveys of hundreds of Black women in the labor movement, including Epps-Addison.

Black Lives of UU has also created the "Seven Principles of Black Lives".

We all strive to fulfill the sentiment of an old hymn: "Earth shall be fair and all her people one".

Jordan has written an open letter addressing his views on the Black Lives Matter movement in an attempt to clear the air following recent criticism from an alleged video where he said "All lives matter".

While there are a variety of hate crimes - religious, gender, sexual orientation, etc. - the one constant between the era in which Mayfield wrote "New World Order" and today is that the largest share of hate crimes (49 percent) are racially motivated and generally two-thirds of those target blacks. Once you grasp this, it leads you to conclude that there is a war against African-Americans.

We see the outlines of the war in the nullification of hard-won civil rights protections, such as voter suppression laws. 4 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act accelerated the movement to deny basic democratic rights to blacks and Latino/as. Blacks comprise almost 40 percent of the 2 million-plus people incarcerated. Calling it mass incarceration misses the point, its mass racialized incarceration. It is ethnically diverse and has not condoned violence against police officers or white people. I do not recall anyone referring to ACT UP as a terrorist group.

The most fundamental feature of the war is the marginalization of blacks from work. The Black Lives Matter movement emerged and quickly galvanized people of all races and ages to question why these senseless killings were happening.

Coinciding with the need to control state repression is a need to protect public sector workers from austerity, which especially threatens Black unionized workers.