Black Lives Matter Knoxville co-founder explains message


Miner said she wants to dismantle the "us versus them" mentality.

Stressing that all lives - including black lives - matter, Jezell Gaines, who also traveled from NY to protest outside the convention, urged Americans to not vote until real change is achieved.

"Asian lives matter. Hispanic lives matter", he said. "And because people believe that, we have to listen to that, and we have to hear about it, and we have to understand it, and then instead of just talking, let's go try solving it".

"It's hard because what we've seen over the last 24 is people condemn the movement without knowing any facts", Mckesson continued.

People are demonstrating all over the United States with the cry that "black lives matter".

Petitioners said Black Lives Matter should be considered a terrorist organization, according to their July 6 petition on "We The People", because of its actions in Ferguson and Baltimore.

A protest that has thousands of people in America up in arms over racial inequality will be making its way to Kearney. "How can you say black lives matter and want other races to respect you, but black people are killing each other?"

It is also in protest of the "disproportionate amount of black people that are being killed or incarcerated at the hands of police officers", said Brianne Murray. "We know that there are some police officers who need to be replaced". Until they do, they have no sympathy from me.

"No violence and no weapons", the Facebook page says.

"I think the cops are scarred of us and we're scarred of the cops", Spivey-Spinner said. "But the America I know - the America I saw this week - is just not as divided as some folks try to insist". But there is no excuse, none, for assassinating police officers and putting targets on their backs. "It's kind of sad to come out here and the crowd is predominantly white and we're talking about black lives matter - now that hurts".