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Biden wins ratings race in dueling town halls

Production crew member stand on stage ahead of the final presidential debate between Republican candidate President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate former Vice President Joe Biden Wednesday Oct. 21 2020 in Nashville Tenn. The debate will take

All eyes are turning to NBC Information White Home correspondent Kristen Welker as she prepares to host the third and last presidential debate Thursday.

Floridians are lining up on the first day of early polling in the USA battleground state, with 30 million voters nationwide having already cast ballots in November's presidential election.

The president had previously been complimentary of Welker, congratulating her at a press conference in Davos, Switzerland in January for being promoted to weekend "Today" anchor. The Post also pointed to Welker and her parents celebrating Christmas at the White House with the Obamas in 2012.

Melania Trump wrote in a statement that after she and the president tested positive for Covid-19 two weeks ago, "Naturally my mind went immediately to our son".

"She's always been awful & unfair, just like most of the Fake News reporters, but I'll still play the game", Trump tweeted Saturday. "Second, and this one is for you @realDonaldTrump ... you agreed to her as the moderator". Why did she delete her account?

"The Trump campaign is lying about that now because Donald Trump is afraid to face more questions about his disastrous COVID response", spokesman TJ Ducklo said. I'm not going to feel so good.

President Donald Trump takes his re-election push to MI and Wisconsin on Saturday before launching a tour of western states to shore up support as national polls show him trailing his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Her mom, Julie Welker, a outstanding actual property dealer in Philadelphia, and father, Harvey Welker, a consulting engineer, have donated tens of hundreds of to Democratic candidates and near $20,000 to Barack Obama alone.

Kilmeade jumped on the Trumpworld's Welker-bashing bandwagon on Monday morning. Recently the United States government came out with some plan to help the American citizens because many of them lost their jobs and some didn't have money to eat.

Eliminating any change, the president told Guthrie What are you listing?

After questioning him about his frequent claims of election fraud, Guthrie told him, "There is no evidence of widespread fraud, and you are sowing doubt in our democracy". But history reveals that an interview with Trump doesn't offer much news that can be confirmed.

The president, who was widely accused of interrupting Biden during the first debate, referred to the updated rules as "very unfair" citing the inherent competitive nature of the said pre-election event. "And I think it's very bad that they're not talking about foreign affairs".

"I know nothing about QAnon", Trump said.

According to official Nielsen numbers, ABC News' The Vice-President and the People received higher ratings than NBC's town hall for Trump.