Biden unveils climate change plan with energy revamp

Biden unveils climate change plan with energy revamp

In a speech in Wilmington, Del., the former vice president called for a massive green jobs and environmental justice program that would invest $2 trillion in his first term on building new renewable energy infrastructure. In a 45-minute call with reporters Monday, Biden said the crises facing the country provide the opportunity to make systemic changes, much the way pivotal moments enabled Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan to overhaul policy and open new eras.

"'We're going to reverse Trump's rollbacks of 100 public health and environmental rules and then forge a path to greater ambition", said Biden.

It reflects ideas embraced by some of Biden's more progressive allies during the primary, like Jay Inslee, whose campaign centered on the issue of climate change. The accelerated timetable is created to lock in progress to prevent future administrations from unwinding action on climate change.

Biden's energy and infrastructure program released Tuesday calls for a 100% carbon-free energy industry by 2035, at least five years earlier than mandates already in place in states including California and NY.

Compared with Biden's earlier proposals, the current one would spend more, do it faster and aim more investment toward disadvantaged communities. It calls for $2 trillion in spending over four years, more than the $1.7 trillion the campaign previously proposed to spend over a decade.

The proposal doesn't include specifics on how it would be paid for. Senior campaign officials said a rollback of the Trump tax cuts, as well an increase in corporate taxes would be part of the payment plan, which the campaign vowed to release in the coming months.

Last month, state-owned companies in China suspended purchases from the United States over political issues. He calls for pumping up research on still-developing power technologies like hydrogen power and grid-size storage to stash power from solar and wind, overcoming a key drawback of those carbon-free energy sources now.

In his remarks Tuesday, Biden framed his latest policy proposal as offering a sharp contrast with President Donald Trump on both job creation and the economy.

They acknowledged that the climate plan was an effort to seize the issue from President Donald Trump, who Biden will face in the November 3 election.

Responding to a question, Mr. Trump said what China did to the world should not be forgotten.

"It's a mindset that doesn't have any faith in the capacity of the American people to compete, to innovate, to win".

Joe Biden unveiled a proposal for rebuilding the economy Tuesday that focuses heavily on restoring American leadership in the fight against global warming, directing government recovery efforts toward expanding clean energy and rapidly reversing the Trump administration's abandonment of climate efforts.