Biden to announce updated mask guidance Tuesday, reports say

Biden Administration to Relax Outdoor Mask Guidelines

With few exceptions, "all people in camp facilities should wear masks at all times", it says.

"But when you look around at the common sense situation, the risk is really low, especially if you're vaccinated", he added.

He went on to say that new guidance from the CDC is forthcoming.

"If you choose to play close-contact or indoor sports, reduce your risk by getting vaccinated when a vaccine is available to you, wearing a mask, playing outside, staying at least 6 feet away from others, and avoiding crowds", the CDC states.

The Biden Administration is set to relax federal public health guidelines regarding wearing masks outdoors, CNBC reports.

Coronavirus is almost 19 more likely to spread indoors compared to outside, and fewer than 10 percent of Covid infections had been contracted indoors as of a November Journal of Infectious Diseases study. Read on to find out what it is, and for more on vaccines from Fauci, check out Dr. Fauci Says Your COVID Vaccine Protects You for at Least This Long.

Using well-fitting cloth masks with two or more layers of fabric is preferred, said the CDC, and staff and campers should have more than one mask on hand each day so they can replace a dirty mask with a clean one.

If activities are held indoors, "bring in as much fresh air into camp buildings as possible" by opening windows and using fans. So when you are indoors, make sure you have a mask.

On Oct. 7, Fauci reiterated that being outside is "much less of a risk, but it is a risk". Although the specifics of the announcement are unclear, the president's words will include an update on whether vaccinated people still need to wear masks outdoors.

"If you separate into nearly like pods of people that you know are being careful - maybe people who have been tested, you know they're negative, you know they're not being reckless - and stay with them, but not all over them", Fauci said. "But when you come out, when you're congregating, put a mask on".

The president will give remarks on the state of the pandemic on Tuesday, ahead of his first address to Congress on Wednesday, reported CNN. During his remarks, the president will reportedly announce the new CDC guidance, though exactly what the new guidelines will be remains unclear.