Biden Sets New Vaccine Goal in 1st Press Conference as President

Congress to approve tougher gun-control measures including a ban on assault-style weapons

The US is now averaging about 2.5 million doses per day. "That's real money into people's pockets, bringing relief instantly and millions more will be getting their money very soon".

Biden pushed back at claims the flow of undocumented immigrants at the USA southern border has reached crisis levels, saying the surge is a mostly seasonal problem that happens each year.

"We will leave, the question is when we leave", he said.

Chip Somodevilla/GettyIn his first press conference as president, Joe Biden was asked several questions about the filibuster-and he answered with several of his own.For more than an hour, Biden fielded questions on a sprawling range of issues.

"All the (Trump) policies that were under way were not helping at all, did not slow up the amount of immigration". He traced the steps a parent might go through deciding to send their child north a few times, concluding, "What a desperate act", and adding, "I make no apology" for ending Trump policies of separating children from their mothers. "They have to posture for a while", Biden said.

Joe Biden say im dey fight di pandemic and di economy dey come up. "I can't picture that being the case", Mr. Biden said, adding that his administration was consulting allies and that whether it would be in a "safe and orderly" manner if the USA leaves. He said the withdrawal must be safe and orderly.

Biden then said it was a "big deal" that an economic stimulus package was passed without Republican lawmakers voting for it.

I admit, I anxious about Biden at first.

Biden called Republican-backed measures to change voting regulations he said make voting more hard "sick" and "un-American".

President Joe Biden is keen that the US Congress should quickly fix America's "broken" immigration system, for which he has already sent in a legislation, the White House has said.

His appearance comes just a day after he appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to lead the government's response to the situation at the U.S. -Mexico border, where the administration faces a growing humanitarian and political challenge that threatens to overshadow Biden's legislative agenda.

"We are sending back the vast majority of the families that are coming", Biden said. "We're not looking for confrontation", Biden added when speaking about his foreign policy.

"I am going to stop this", he said. "It's not anti-Chinese".

"If we leave, we are going to do so in a safe and orderly way", he said while adding that the U.S. is "in consultation" with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies, and a UN-led process is beginning on ending the war.

Biden also vowed that China's ambition of becoming the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world is "not going to happen under my watch". "I see stiff competition with China".

"They should all be going back". "Australia, India, Japan, the United States ... the so-called Quad".

"The only people we are not going to let sit there without help are children", he said.

"We can put as many pipefitters and miners to work capping those wells at the same price that they would charge to dig those wells". "First, it's been abused, from the time it came into be by an extreme way in the last 20 years".